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Complex Litigation

Litigation is rarely the first choice, but when it is unavoidable you need the best representation. David has achieved success for his clients in complex litigation, sometimes by creating the basis for a favorable settlement and sometimes at trial oir on appeal:

    Trade Secret Litigation | Represented California defense contractor sued for alleged theft of trade secrets by competitor. Successfully defeated motions for injunctive relief and preserved rights of client to long-term military contract. X-Com Technologies v. Chiang et al. Case No. 04-131 (E.D. Va. 2004)

    RICO Defense Secured complete reversal of multi-count RICO conviction arising from insurance operations. State of Florida v. Amos, Case No. 96-1078 (Fla. App.4 Dist. 1998

    Dynergy Wind Turbine Litigation Represented hundreds of defrauded purchasers of wind turbines in federal litigation in Virginia and California. Lead counsel in twenty consolidated cases in California. Enabled turbine purchasers to recoup millions from sellers and other participants in the fraud while maintaining federal tax benefits.

    Securities Fraud Litigation Successfully represented brokerage firm accused of securities fraud involving high-tech stock issuance. Merrill Lynch v. Western,1990 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 6793, Fed. Sec. L. Rep. 9CCH) P95,289 (S.D. N. Y. 1990)

    (Sealed) Qui Tam Litigation Represented fired whistle blower who had disclosed failure of major defense contractor to adequately inspect or correct defects on a major military system. Whistle blower received significant settlement and contractor corrected inspection and repair procedures.

    Military Retiree's Insurance Pursued claim against Third Party Administrator's breach of contract in administering insurance program for military retirees. Resulted in settlement involving surrender of rights to administer 15 year contract valued in excess of $7.5 million dollars.